Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jammin' in Cambodia

Tuk Tuk Sessions, according to their website, is a project "born out of a desire to play music and give the world a visual tour of life in Phnom Penh. We want to capture the bustling, vibrant streets of the Penh, accompanied by equally vibrant tunes, punctuated with the mandatory horns, moto revs, and slight chaos." To date there have been forty-one recordings that make up the project, each session involving "one song, one take, one tuk tuk". Here's "Chapter 29" featuring Dengue Fever, a Los Angeles based band formed by two brothers who fell in love with Khmer music from the '60's after a trip to Cambodia. The lead singer, Chhom Nimol, was discovered at a nightclub in Long Beach's Little Phnom Penh.