Sunday, January 17, 2016

Here Comes the Spiderman

If Spiderman drove a tuk tuk, it would look like this. Lately, I've noticed more and more of these handmade spiderwebs made out of rope appearing on the sides of many three-wheelers in Bangkok. In practical terms, they are useful in holding cargo in when passengers are transporting large boxes and other goods around, and they are also helpful in preventing thieves from reaching into tuk tuks and snatching people's bags. But my favorite part about them is that they remind me of something you would see in super hero comics. As the lyrics from Spiderman's theme song go:    

Spiderman, Spiderman,
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web, any size,
Catches thieves just like flies
Look out!
Here comes the Spiderman!

Friday, January 1, 2016's been a really long time since I've posted anything on 'Art of the Tuk Tuk'. But one of my New Year's resolutions for 2016 is to regularly update this blog. Hopefully, this is one resolution I can keep. Anyway, this story is too good not to mention on this blog as it involves an outrageous tuk tuk costume worn at the Miss Universe contest in Las Vegas last month. Despite initial skepticism among many Thais about the outfit complete with headlights, Miss Thailand, Aniporn Chalermburanawong, ended up winning Best National Costume at the pageant. Just goes to show you that tuk tuks are recognized the world over as one of Thailand's iconic symbols. Thais should feel extremely proud of their unique mode of transportation and we should all be grateful to Miss Thailand for pulling off such a distinctive, albeit uncomfortable, look.